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Announcement on Winners of CUCAS Essay Competition

Announcement on Winners of CUCAS Essay Competition

Publish Date:2013-12-19 14:56

After several days of judging and marking all the essays that we have received, it is honored to announce the winners of our essay competition.

First Prize (1 person)

Second Prize (2 persons)

Third Prize (20 persons)

Winners will be contacted for further awards sending, therefore, if any winner receives our email, please respond promptly.

And here CUCAS express our sincere thanks to all the authors who were interested and engaged in our competition, as well as all the help we've received from university staff.


Attached: Judging Criteria

Total marks: 100


2000 words as required:   If the total words are at least 2000, then 10 marks; if not, 5 marks;
Grammar: No grammar mistakes, then 10 marks; If not, 5 marks;
Content&Description: 80 marks;
Additional marks: If any photos/videos are attached, 5 marks; if not, no marks.