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Apply Through CUCAS is More Convenient than You Apply to the University Directly

Apply Through CUCAS is More Convenient than You Apply to the University Directly

Publish Date:2013-06-03 13:47

Some students ask the difference between apply through CUCAS and apply to the university directly. It is a good question and we give the reply as below:


Apply to school directly

Apply through CUCAS




Easy to contact



Course Consulting



English speaking staffs

Few staffs speak English

All CUCAS Staffs are fluent English speakers

Admission Package Delivery



Accommodation Booking

Hard to book accommodation

Easy to book accommodation

Additional Service


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First of all, it is the same that you apply through CUCAS with you apply to the Chinese university directly, because CUCAS is officially authorized by Chinese universities to provide the online application service to students. So if you find the program on CUCAS, you can complete the application on CUCAS and submit the application to the university.

Secondly, based on our experience, you normally will encounter troubles when applying directly to the university, such as:

  • 1.Get no reply from the university. Having questions about the program or the university before you make application? You are freely to contact the university indeed. But you will find that you won't get reply by e-mail. And there seems nobody will pick your call in English.

  • 2.Tracking progress is really hard. There are lots of students choose to apply directly to the university. The fact is that you are alone and you will have trouble to track progress.

  • 3.Nobody cares about your arrival. You will have troubles in dormitory booking, airport pick-up and registration procedure.

CUCAS provide one stop service which is much better than your direct application to the university.

  • CUCAS is easy to be contacted
    When you have question about the program or the university, or something else, you can contact CUCAS easily. You can call us during the working time or leave message on CUCAS Facebook Page. If you send e-mail to us, we will reply your e-mail in one working day.
  • Application Preview
    After you complete the application, we will preview your application. We will notify you if there is something wrong in your application form or documents missing. Once your application is full, it will be submitted to the university.
  • Get Admission Result in the shortest time
    According to the policy, the university will prior to process the application through CUCAS. So you will get the admission result in the shorter time than you apply directly to the university.
  • Mailing Address Confirming
    To ensure you will receive the admission package, we will confirm your mailing address once we get the admission package from the university. The admission package will be delivered by DHL within one working day when mailing address is confirmed
  • Accommodation booking
    CUCAS will help you book accommodation on campus. You will receive the e-mail about accommodation booking. Early application is good to get a room.
  • Guide Book for pre-departure
    CUCAS will send you the guide book for pre-departure by e-mail. It will help you know how to get to the university from the airport and the registration procedure.
  • Fast track for problem solving
    If you have any question, you are freely to contact us by the following methods. CUCAS will solve your problem in the shortest time.

To help you complete the application and get into Chinese university, CUCAS is professional and you won't worry about the application processing and accommodation booking. CUCAS one- stop service will kick all your troubles off.

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