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CUCAS Services Have been Upgraded since November 1st

CUCAS Services Have been Upgraded since November 1st

Publish Date:2011-10-16 09:16

In order to help even more students smoothly apply for Chinese universities, CUCAS have upgraded the service standard since on November 1st 2011. We guarantee you will enjoy:

  • 24/7 consultation service, responses within a single work day
  • Application success or your money back
  • Free delivery of admission materials

We provide all the international students CUCAS Standard Services as well as CUCAS Supplementary Services due to the needs of applicants.  CUCAS Standard Services will cost you $50 and include:

  1. Online Application Services: International students can apply to Chinese universities entirely online. You can complete the application form, upload application materials, make payment, and track your results all online. Applying online can help you save a lot of time and effort.
  2. Admission Offer Delivery Service: According to the agreement between CUCAS and Chinese schools, CUCAS will send the admission notice to accepted students free of charge. Express Delivery services such as DHL, UPS, or Fedex will be used to guarantee the student receives their materials in the shortest possible time. One of your acceptance letters can be chosed to send by Express Delivery, and other acceptance letters will be sent by Airmail.

We also provide the following CUCAS Supplementary Services. Students in need can request any of the following services for FREE.

  1. Consultation Services
  2. Study Abroad Planning
  3. Information Retrieval
  4. Accommodations Booking
  5. Scholarship Opportunities

Other than this these services some students ask that we help them register at school, go to the police station and take care of their residence permit or visa. At this time we do not provide these services, but we are dedicated to continuously improving the quality and scope of services. We are willing to provide guidance for these students to create a easily and fluid study abroad experience in China.

About the CUCAS Service Fee

  • CUCAS Standard Services cost 50 USD
  • CUCASSupplementary Services are free.​
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