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CUCAS will Hold a Video Contest this Summer

CUCAS will Hold a Video Contest this Summer

Publish Date:2013-07-08 10:58

CUCAS will hold a video contest about international students' experience in China, the winners will get cash prizes! This article will introduce you the CUCAS video contest rules. Please keep your eyes on us!

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CUCAS Video Contest - My Life in China

No matter how long have you been in China, you must have an impressive experience here. Create a video about your experience in China and you could win cash prizes!

Contest duration: 7.15-9.15

Cash Prizes:
Total Prize: Over $1000
Best creative Video: $200
Best Guide Video: $200
Best Chinese Expression Video: $200
All participants: online Chinese learning card(worth $50)

Contest Rules
All entries must:

At least 2 minutes no longer than 10 minutes.
Must have no copyright violations (slogans, music or images).
Video language in English or Chinese.
Must be G or PG rated. Any foul language or material inappropriate for young people and families makes the video ineligible.
Include the phrase "CUCAS Video Contest" or "My life in China" somewhere in the video.
Include the phrase "CUCAS Video Contest" as part, but not all, of your title when you post the video. In other words, we must be able to search for "CUCAS" or "CUCAS Video Contest" and come up with your video link.
Must be created by non-Chinese students. Videos can be produced by an individual or a team up 10 people, although the prizes are awarded per video, not by team member.
Submitted by the deadline. Both the application and the video posting must meet the deadline. No late submissions will be considered.