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Publish date:2014-03-28 20:35:00

Recently, there have been some articles and posts on social networks with the aim of destroying CUCAS’s reputation, a reputation that has taken many years to build. These posts by unknown individuals are all fabricated and are not truthful. It is important to point out that firstly, the author is not a CUCAS user, and s/he did not provide any evidence to prove her/his statements. Secondly, the publishers are all new registered users, whose intentions are simply to attack CUCAS maliciously. Last but not least, those writers tried to destroy CUCAS’s reputation as well as the mutual trust between CUCAS and international students and mislead prospective students.

From Jan. 2014, students do not need to pay any service fee when apply for a Chinese university via CUCAS, which means any student could enjoy CUCAS service totally free of charge. Therefore, CUCAS hereby solemnly declare that our university application service is free of charge, and will keep it this way forever. If you are asked to pay any service fee during application, do not listen and contact us via the following ways as soon as possible:

  1. Call CUCAS: 0086 10 82865135
  2. Email CUCAS:
  3. Leave a message in CUCAS Facebook:

For any individual or organization that attacks CUCAS with malicious intention, please stop right now. CUCAS holds the legal right to file litigation.


03.28 2014

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