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Hot! Enter our Contest to Win USD 500 for Each Winner!

Hot! Enter our Contest to Win USD 500 for Each Winner!

Publish Date:2012-01-31 10:15

The "2012 CUCAS Winter Photo Contest" was started on January 10, 2012, and will last for 40 days. It was created independently by CUCAS. All users who have been to or are currently in China can participate.

Participants need to login CUCAS Facebook Fan Page, upload study, life, or travel pictures which they took in China.

All the partiipants should:

  • Have registered on CUCAS.
  • Have photos or videos of Chinese customs, culture, scenery, or anything related to China, taken while studying, living, or traveling in China. Upload the photos according to the contest regulations.
  • Abide by all the laws and regulations of China, all the school rules, and respect the societal traditions and customs.
  • Be non-Chinese citizens and in good health.

Contest schedule is shown as follows:

  • Application Starting Date: January 10, 2012
  • Application Deadline: February 5, 2012
  • Voting Period: February 5, 2012 - February 20, 2012
  • Results Announcement: February 20, 2012

The prizes are reviewed and distributed by CUCAS. Winners will receive $500 personally after announcing the results on CUCAS and Facebook.

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