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New CUCAS Slogan - Great Chinese University Application Service

New CUCAS Slogan - Great Chinese University Application Service

Publish Date:2013-04-24 16:42

The CUCAS Slogan has been changed from “Helping You Get into China’s Universities” to “The Leader of Chinese University Application Service Providers” on April 23rd 2013. Since 2008, we have been served more than twenty thousand foreign students. What we do is not only help the students get admitted by the universities, but we offer them impartial and professional advice on international higher education institutions and course options based on students’ academic qualifications and work experience, while considering their budget, preferred city and other preferences.
CUCASThe Leader of Chinese University Application Service Providers

In 2012, there are more than 300,000 international students studying in China. China University and College Admission System (known as CUCAS, has been launched to cater the increasing needs from the international applicants around the world.

CUCAS was born to answer the government call for the globalization and informationization of China’s higher education. Nearly all Chinese universities and colleges are currently working on CUCAS as their online admission office. After more than 5 years ‘operation, more than one million visitors from over 200 countries have visited the website. More than 20,000 of them have successfully been admitted by top China’s universities.

Currently, CUCAS is
The organization that will save applicants a great amount of energy and cost compared with traditional admission procedure, and it has also helped them to make the optimal choices by comparing hundreds of schools at one place with the advice of our experienced advisors.

A comprehensive web-based application, admission and consultation centre for international applicants wishing to study for the degree or Chinese program at a university or college in China. It provides a hassle free and simple application procedure and direct communication with the applicants’ chosen school and the experienced international education advisors. CUCAS has been exhibited on a few overseas governments’ websites.

CUCAS sincerely hope that everyone who wants to study in China would utilize our resource and enjoy our service. With years of dedicated experience working with both students and professionals, we understand the level of service the students require. In the future, all of CUCAS staffs are constantly trying to do everything a little better, a little simpler, more efficiently and always cost-effectively.

Being aware of when you contact CUCAS, we have the answers to your questions. We are confident that you will find this expertise to be invaluable in helping you decide upon an appropriate program to suit your individual needs. We can say “You know Chinese universities, we know more”. And we are keeping hard working as CUCAS is “The Leader of Chinese University Application Service Providers”.