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New Law Ensure International Students Work-study in China

New Law Ensure International Students Work-study in China

Publish Date:2013-07-03 15:32

July 1st, Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic formally implemented, of which 'international students in China work-study' requirement caused the attention of many international students.

The Immigration Control Act Article 42, the State Council in charge of education departments shall establish foreign students work-study management system for foreign students work-study jobs to provide for the scope and time frame, which is China's first form of legislation clearly stipulates foreign students in China work-study, means that foreign students in China has laws to go work-study, and its related management systems will also be established and gradually improved.

Hebei University (HBU)
organized a consultation about the Immigration Control Act Article on July 1.

Chinese Department of Hebei University sophomore being Sudanese students Xiaomu said, 'Great! I always wanted to find a job in the study period, and now finally expected to achieve! Other relevant rules promulgated implemented, would find a Chinese school in the vicinity teacher's work, receive training in advance. '

We hope this law will help lots of international students improve their career ability through study period in China. We believe there will be more and more international students come to China to study and work.

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