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The Decision to the Abnormal Votes in the Internet Voting of CUCAS Excellent Student Scholarship

The Decision to the Abnormal Votes in the Internet Voting

Publish date: 2011-07-15 12:00

To all the CUCAS students,

After several hours of discussion with the CUCAS Scholarship Evaluation Committee, we have made a decision:

  1. Cancel those abnormal votes within the internet voting
  2. Keep the eligibility of the candidates who received the abnormal votes

The abnormal votes mean the poll numbers are increased with computer programs or tools, not by human-beings.

At the same time, we will make some technical adjustments to the internet voting, to avoid a similar event.

The internet voting of CUCAS Excellent Student Scholarship will be resumed on 20:00 July 15th 2011 (Beijing time GMT+8). The voting is open to your supervision. And we hope all the candidates will stay honest.

Also, we invite you to provide your ideas of evaluation methods for the next year’s CUCAS scholarships. And we are willing to design a fair and balanced methodology with you all.

CUCAS Scholarship Admission Office
July 15th 2011

Note: Some think the eligibility of some students should be canceled, and that is also part of our focus in the previous meeting. To cancel the eligibility due to his/her abnormal votes, it seems reasonable, but not fair. The candidate may know nothing about the cheating. Perhaps his/ her friends used an incorrect way to help him/her. We would like to believe that everyone is honest, and reliable