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2015 Top MBBS Universities in China - Choose Best MBBS Universities
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2015 Top MBBS Universities in China - Choose Best MBBS Universities

The list of 2015 Top MBBS universities in China shows you best MBBS universities to choose in 2015. According to the investigation of CUCAS team, there are 171 universities providing MBBS programs in China, and 67 universities in China recruit international students who want to study MBBS, 49 universities are approved to enroll international students for MBBS course in English medium under the regulations of "Provisions for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Student in China" which was implemented since 2007. So, if you are going to study MBBS in China in 2015, you will face a lot of choices, and it seems hard to make the final decision.

Therefore, CUCAS team created the list of 2015 Top MBBS Universities in China according to data analysis, overall consideration and trend forecasting. If you are going to study MBBS in China in 2015, check this 2015 top MBBS universities in China list and know our recommendations before you do it!

2015 Top MBBS Universities in China No 1: Central South University


Central South University is the top recommended universities to study MBBS in China in 2015 due to it great academic strength and famous subsidiary school, Xiangya School of Medicine. Which is one of the two standard pilot schools in China chose by WFME and IIME, one of the 5 earliest pilot schools for eight year medical education in China.

In January 14, 2014. CSU announced to start it's "Big Data Project" in Xiangya School of Medicine to cope with increasingly massive data of patients. This makes CSU the first school that start building big data project for it's subsidiary medicine school, and also shows the leadership of CSU in this field in China.

2015 Top MBBS Universities in China No 2: Peking University

Peking University is usually seen on top of different university list of China's universities. For MBBS students, it is also one of the best choices. The MBBS program in Peking University is one of the national special programs.

Besides, Peking University has 8 hospitals in it's medical department, some of those hospitals are pretty famous in China, such as Peking University Third Hospital. This also means that MBBS students in Peking University has a lot more opportunities for jobs and internship.

2015 Top MBBS Universities in China No 3: HUST

Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is on the list of 2015 top MBBS unversities due to it's various of programs for students that want to study medical in China and it's famous Tongji Medical College which was co-built by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health in China and initially founded by the German Doctor Bolon at Shanghai in 1907.

Tongji Medical College offers 16 undergraduate programs, 54 graduate programs, 41 doctoral programs and 6 post-doctoral research stations, if you want to study MBBS in China, you will get a lot of choices in HUST.

2015 Top MBBS Universities in China No 4: Fudan University

Fudan University features excellent study atmosphere and most democratic ideas. In recent years, the Shanghai Medical School of Fudan University has carried on scientific research cooperation with many top medical universities in the world such as Harvard University Medical school and the US Columbia University Medical school.

In 2014, Fudan University has developed a new MBBS talent cultivation mode called "5+3", which means students will study MBBS in the university for 5 years and then accept the standard training in hospital for another 3 years. This cultivation mode has been carried out in Shanghai in 2014, it will not only provide more opportunities for MBBS students to gain more practical experience, but also help more people in China to enjoy more convenient medical service.

2015 Top MBBS Universities in China No 5: Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the most famous research universities in China, it has a lot of important laboratories of Ministry of Education of The People's Republic of China (MOE) for MBBS students to carry out their experiments during study.

In 2014, The 2014 Sino-US Clinical Teaching and Medical Simulation Education Forum was successfully held in Shanghai Jiaotong University, which shows the endeavor that Shanghai Jiaotong University has made to improve it's strength in MBBS program.

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