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Apply 2017 China Scholarships Now! First 400 Quotas Released!
Good News!

Dear students! If you want to apply China universities in 2017, we have a good news for you! Now, you can book China scholarships for 2017 on CUCAS now! And now we are offering 400 scholarship seats in our cooperating universities to international students. Whats more, if you share the scholarship program on your Facebook, and get more than 10 shares for your post from your friends, you can still enjoy an up to 80% discount for the service!

Why Apply 2017 China Scholarship Now

1. First-come, first-served: All scholarships are limited, school use scholarship to enroll more excellent students, so scholarships obey the rule of "First-come, first-served."
2. Enough time for preparation: You start applying now then we can review your documents and help you make great preparation now, above 30% of students who failed to get scholarship are because they lack of preparation on documents.
3. Save money: If you apply 2017 China scholarships on CUCAS in 2016 October, you will enjoy an up to 80% discount, which will save you at least 100 USD. (Details can be found in below part of this article.)
4. Perfect timing: If you apply in 2016, you also have enough time to make your schedule for everything, and we can recommend you to the university early as well. All these timings are very important for your study in China.
5. Easier Application Process: CUCAS provide exclusive scholarship information display and application process, we also have consulting team to answer your questions. Apply scholarship on CUCAS is the easiest way you can find.


Q: If I apply now, when will I get result and documents?
A: Because different universities and cities are quite different, results will be released from April to August in 2017, and documents will take another about 3 weeks to 1 month after result was released, but we will help you do all the process as soon as possible, so you can get everything as fastest as it can be.

Q: Is it guaranteed that I can win the scholarship or at least admission?
A: The success of scholarship and admission are decided by school, no one can guarantee your application could get admission or scholarship for sure. But CUCAS can guide you to prepare documents and recommend you to the university and help you do your application in time and in the correct way. Make sure you read our Terms & Conditions before you apply.

Q: What universities, and degree, and programs are available now?
A:Here is the complete list of scholarship programs available in China universities in 2017.

How to Apply

-Step 1: Find Your Scholarship:
You need search the scholarship program you want to apply from here, and then get the link of your scholarship.
Example: The link should be like:

                                                      (Click image to zoom in)

-Step 2: Share Your Scholarship:
Share the link of your scholarship you got in step one on your facebook page and call your friends to share your post, and you need get more than10 shares for your post in this step.
Example: The post should be like: Dear friends, I want to study in China, please share my desired scholarship program on your facebook to help me get discount!

-Step 2: Apply With Discount:
Send the screenshot of your facebook post and the link of the scholarship you want to apply to, to apply with discount.
Example: Hi, attached is my facebook post screenshot, and the scholarship i want to apply is :, please I want to apply with discount.

10 Shares = 20% Discount
100 Shares = 50% Discount
500 Shares = 80% Discount

                                                      (Click image to zoom in)
One of our counselors will guide you how to apply with discount very soon after you sent your email!