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Differences Between Basic Stomatology and Clinical Stomatology

Differences Between Basic Stomatology and Clinical Stomatology

Stomatology is the same as Dentistry, which concentrate on study, diagnose, prevent and treat the diseases of oral cavity. However, there are indeed some differences between the Basic Stomatology Program and Clinical Stomatology Program. Therefore, this article is intended to clarify their differences and thus help you make a better choice.
Basic Stomatology attaches great importance on developing students’ skills and capability of doing scientific research. During the studying, students will focus on theoretical study and prepare for conducting independent research in this field and provide necessary theoretical support for clinical practice.
Clinical Stomatology, in contrast, gives more emphasis on practices. Students majoring in Clinical Stomatology will learn basic theoretical knowledge of stomatology first and then receive training of how to evaluate a patient; how to diagnose, prevent and treat oral diseases.
Courses & Dergee
The courses arrangement may be different at different institutions, but they are almost the same.
The main courses of Basic Stomatology are physics, biochemistry, oral anatomy, oral histopathology, oral materials, etc. There are also many courses taking place in laboratory.
The main courses of Clinical Stomatology include Oral Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Radiology and so on.
Graduates of Basic Stomatology and Clinical Stomatology will both be granted an academic degree. Undergraduate students will obtain the BDS degree; postgraduate students will be accredited the MDS degree and PhD graduates will get the MD degree.
Occupational Orientation
After graduation, students majoring in Basic Stomatology are very likely to be a researcher and engage in medical research or they may pursue further education. If they don’t, they perhaps will work as a teacher at medical universities.
While graduates from Clinical Stomatology are most likely to take the Medical Licensing Examination and get the qualification as clinical medical practitioners and work in hospitals. Of course, they can also keep studying and get higher degrees.
Please note that the graduates from Basic Stomatology are not eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examination in China. So many students prone to choose Clinical Stomatology Programs for more broad job prospects in the future.
In addition, you can also try the professional degree programs of Stomatology, which are more practical than Clinical Stomatology Programs if you are determined to become a dentist in the future. You will have more chance to learn practical skills during the school before you obtain the qualification certificate, which would be quite helpful to you.