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How to Get Internship in China: China Graduate Internship

Internship is a good chance to exercise students’ theory knowledge which learned in university. As for many students, they long for make full use of this internship opportunities to improve their practical competent. Especially for international students who are not local people, they have strong desire to get internship. To be honest, getting internship is not difficult, following is three ways to get internship. But it should be stressed here the aim for internship, before getting internship, you should have a right attitude for your internship.

How to Get the Internship in China: China Graduate Internship 2015

Tip One to Get Internship
You can search internship through internet by yourself, by looking through internship information in many China’s recruiting websites, like 51jobs, Zhaopin, or direct search in each search engine, you will get many internship information. You can contact with the company HR and talk them with your internship job.

Tip Two to Get Internship
University will provide some internships and hold large job fair for students, if some big company have agreement with universities about internship, generally, the students who can meet demands of the company will be recommended by universities and offer good internship.

Tip Three to Get Internship
You can target some internship jobs and visit some companies by yourself. if you are the MBBS graduate, you can contact with HR in some hospitals, you can give your CV to the people who in charge of the recruiting of doctors, thus you will win great opportunities to get internship.
As far as I am concerned, make ample preparations is great guarantee if you want to find a internship. Keep a good mindset and do fully preparations will help you a lot.