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How to Transfer to Another University in China for Foreign Students

Transfer to another university in China, do you have same question? After studying in a university one or several semesters, some students want to study in another university for different reasons. Now, if you have same question about whether the international students could transfer to another university in China, I will show you the detailed information about this.

How to Transfer to Another University in China for Foreign Students
Generally, the university is allowed to admit the transfer students in China, but different programs have different requirements. Especially about MBBS programs, which is not allowed to admit transfer students in China.

Also, the transfer students must apply for the same program if he wants to transfer to another university. The transfer requirement is set by the university which is the international students want to transfer into. Basic, the international students should supply his syllabus, description of his class he had took, and detailed material according to the requirements of university he want to go. Once his materials were satisfied the demands of the university, to some degree he will be admitted by the university.

Therefore, if international students who want to transfer into another university, he must contact with the university early and figure out the requirements of the university, which will be a better guarantee for transfer successfully.