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Information about MBBS Internship in Jilin University

Information about MBBS Internship in Jilin University

For students studying or planning to study MBBS at Jilin University might be interested in the information about the clinical internship. You may wondering when should I participate in internship and for how long? Can I do internship in my home country? Is there any requirement? Don’t worry, you’ll find the answer after reading this article.
Intern Time & Duration
According to the regulation of Jilin University, the duration of the medical internship should last for at least 48 weeks to ensure that students could acquire enough clinical experience and skills. The internship usually be arranged on the eighth to ninth semester and start from June.
The real condition will depend on the arrangement of medical schools each year.
Intern in China & Abroad
For students who want to do internship in hospitals designated by Jilin University, there's no requirement on your HSK level. However, it is better for you to have a good level of Chinese proficiency. After all, you need to communicate with doctors and patients who are all Chinese people. If your Chinese is not good, you will find it difficult to learn what you want. As to the accommodation, you have free choice to live in campus or outside.
If you want to do the internship in other country or other hospitals in China, there is one criteria for you to choose the internship hospital. Jilin University stipulate that the hospital must be a teaching hospital, which means it has the teaching qualification.
Teaching hospitals refer to hospitals that are used for teaching purposes, can provide clinical theory teaching as well as internships and research opportunities for medical students. These hospitals are usually set up by universities’ medical schools, or are established by government-designated university medical schools.
No matter you do internship in which country, you have to complete the required internship weeks and content and provide a internship certificate to the university.
List of Hospitals
Here is the list of hospitals for MBBS students of Jilin University to do internship:
City Hospital Level
Jilin The First Clinical Hospital of Jilin University
First-class Hospital at Grade 3
Jilin The Second Clinical Hospital of Jilin University
First-class Hospital at Grade 3
Jilin The Third Clinical Hospital of Jilin University (Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital)
First-class Hospital at Grade 3
You can view more information about the cities that the hospitals located in by clicking links in the list.
Hospital Levels in China
In terms of the level of hospitals, there is a common criteria for the standard of hospitals in China. Hospitals can be sort by different Class and Grade. The Class and Grade both can be divided into 3 levels, which can be freely combined.

The class and grade of hospital are determined by several aspects: the number of hospital number, medical service, technical level, condition of equipment as well as management and research ability. The ranking of hospitals at different level as shown bellow (from good to bad):
Obviously, the First-class Hospital at Grade 3 is the best.
Now, with a good understanding of the level of different hospitals, you can clearly know which hospital can provide you a better condition for doing clinical internship.