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Is Degree Certificate Required for Applying China Universities

In modern times, each student want to pursuit higher education and many students choose to study abroad. But, here is a question, if one student is not graduate yet before he applying for one university and do not get the degree certificate, is it possible for students to be admitted by his target university in China? Generally, the degree certificate is necessary but there are other special conditions in different universities.

Degree Certificate is Required in China Universities Normally

Degree certificate can show your study level now, which is a basic study information. What is the purpose for universities? Holding the degree certificate, university need to create student profiles for the international students and fill some related materials, which is a good guarantee for students studying.

Special Courses is Not Required For Degree Certificate.

If you study short-time courses in China, to some degree, it is possible to study in China if you do not get degree certificate only when you provide your study level certificate by an equivalent certificate. Owing to different requirements about different programs in different universities, you should contact with the teacher in your target university, ask him with detailed information about this part. For example, if you study a summer training program but you do not get your degree certificate before applying the university, you can contact with teachers timely.