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Nanjing University

Nanjin University, founded in 1920, which is the first leading university that accepts male students and female students studying in one school,the first university that creates the modern science and technology laboratory.Owing to create the a monthly journal “XUEHENG”, which makes Nanjing University become the center for communication of Chinese and Western culture, and reputed as “the center for Chinese education”.

Nanjing Universty is Expected to Enter Into Top 5 in Asia

Nanjing University is Expected to Enter Into Top 100 in the world

Different kind of institution ranking can evaluate Fudan University from different parts.


QS Ranking

criteria and weighting

The (Times higher education) Ranking

criteria and weighting

ARWU Ranking

criteria and weighting

Academic Peer Review 40%
Global Employer Review 10%
Citations per faculty 20%
Faculty student ratio 20%
International Student Ratio 5%
International Faculty Ratio 5%
Industry Income – innovation 2.5%
International diversity 5%
Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%
Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%
Citations – research influence 32.5%
Quality of education 10%
Quality of faculty 40%
Research output 40%
Per capita performance 10%

Key Programs in Nanjing University

  • 8 national first level disciplines
  • 13 national second level disciplines
  • 16 disciplines ranks top 1% of ESI

How Many International Students Like to Study in Nanjing University?

There are above 3216 International students study in Sun Yat-sun University.

Which  Program Deserves Your Studying? Top Programs Feature



  • With long history and rich education experience, the Department of Astronomy, was founded in 1952, which earns high reputation of all the astronomy departments in China
  • Awarded as national first-level key discipline
  • Fangcheng, one of top experts in Nanjing, who designs China first solar tower. Whose name was used to title the No.185538 minor planet and recognized as“Fangcheng Star”
  • Base for training talents in field of national astronomy
  • Has established friendly and cooperative relationship with over 20 institutes of higher education in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan and so on.
  • Be equipped with key Laboratory of Modern Astronomy and Astrophysics, Central Laboratory for Teaching, Solar Tower Laboratory, Center for Nonlinear Sciences, and Planetary Science and Deep Space Exploration Laboratory,etc.



  • Physics program number of thesis, number of thesis by cited rank 17th,32th separately in the global research institution.Thesis about scientific research achievements are published in Nature,Science and Phys. Rev. Lett,etc.
  • Top base for training national physics talents and main research base for“great scientific research plan”quantum control project lead by ministry of Science and Technology
  • The largest Asia laboratory supports students studying
  • Graduates from this program wins higher reputation

Computer Science and Technology

  • Ranks top 1% of ESI
  • Real-Recommended by 92 graduate students
  • National first-class program


Chinese Language studies

  • One of National first-level key programs
  • Bachelor Chinese Language degree ranks top 1 by China education review in 2013
  • Top recommended by graduates

Study & Living Environment


About City-Nanjing

  • Nanjing, Six times as China ancient capital, now it's the center for south China to some degree
  • One of the top birthplaces for Chinese civilization,the first batch of national historical city, and you can feel strong historical atmosphere in here
  • There aree 8 “211 project ”higher education universities located in Nanjing, the numver is next only to Beijing, Shanghai
  • Owing to the good weather, its green area ranks top 3 in China

About Nanjing  University

  • The birthplace of modern science in China,reputed as the “Top Chinese University”by professor,Chen Ning Yang,nobel laureate in physics
  • Number of published papers like “SCI”, which can reflect the basic research level, ranks top 1 among China universities within seven years ,and number of papers published in leading magazines“Science” “Nature” still ranks No.1
  • One of Top 211,985 Universities
  • Relaxing and fulfilling studying atmosphere creates a better study environment for students

Words from International Students

Why students choose to study in Nanjing  University

International Students around the world like to study in Nanjing University,  some for its reputation, some for friends recommendation, some for its teaching quality, some for its beautiful environment,etc.

How is it feel like to attend Nanjing University?

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.
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Editor's Words

Degree program application deadline is much earlier than other universities

Normally, Nanjing University degree application deadline will be ended in the end of May each year.

Chinese Language program application deadline maybe later  than other programs

General, Nanjing University Chinese language application deadline maybe ended in the July each year.