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Top University in China-Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University with long history whose forerunner is the Nanyang Public School founded in 1896 and which once titles “China MIT” which means Shanghai Jiaotong University as a pioneer of China university that can learn experience about teaching system. curriculum setting.etc, from advanced western education in early republic of China. Now, Shanghai Jiaotong University is developing as a comprehensive world-class university

Shanghai Jiaotong University is Expected to Enter Into Top 10 in Asia

Shanghai Jiaotong University is Expected to Enter Into Top 100 in the world

Shanghai Jiaotong University ranks top 4 in China in recent four years by QS ranking, also its position still keep going through different famous ranking institution. Fist picture shows shanghai Jiaotong University will enter into top 10 in Asia, and through picture 2 its global position will enter top 100 even top 50 in the following years. Top Programs in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Different kind of institution ranking can evaluate Fudan University from different parts.


QS Ranking

criteria and weighting

The (Times higher education) Ranking

criteria and weighting

ARWU Ranking

criteria and weighting

Academic Peer Review 40%
Global Employer Review 10%
Citations per faculty 20%
Faculty student ratio 20%
International Student Ratio 5%
International Faculty Ratio 5%
Industry Income – innovation 2.5%
International diversity 5%
Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%
Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%
Citations – research influence 32.5%
Quality of education 10%
Quality of faculty 40%
Research output 40%
Per capita performance 10%

Key Programs in Shanghai Jiaotong  University

Which Degree do International Students Prefer to Study?

There are 2401 International students for degree study, about 1011 international students for postgraduate studying.  

Which  Program Deserves Your Studying?


Mechanical Engineering-First-level national key program

  • Cooperated with University of Michigan engineering college for developing this program, the two universities achieve mutual recognition of credits, joint awarded degree and joint develop high level research, joint conduct international conference meeting
  • Many famous professional students graduated from this program, like Hsue-Shen TSIEN
  • One of Program listed in the first batch to provide master degree,doctoral degree and create postdoctoral flow station.


Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering- With the Higher Employment Rate

  • Become research and training base for naval architecture and ocean engineering talents, which enjoy higher academic reputation.
  • Equipped with first class national laboratory for studying
  • Professional teacher also work as committee member in the most authoritative academic institution in the field of international naval architecture and ocean engineering


Business Managenment

  • Antai College of Economics- Management is the first business school in mainland China to have been triply accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.
  • MBA ranked NO.34 in financial times in 2017; EMBA ranked No.7 in the world and ranked No.1 in Asia

Clinical Medicine

  • Clinical Medicine has enter into 0.2‰ in global research institute by ESI
  • Ranked No.1 in national evaluation about its academic level
  • Affiliated with 13 hospitals,which can provide many internship opportunities
  • Already have about 300 international students
  • Medical College once belong Shanghai Second Medical University and then merged into Shanghai Jiaotong University

Biological Medicine

  • Cooperated in education with America Johns Hopkins Medical School, Arizona State University,University of Heidelberg, Loughborough University
  • Develop the program through cooperated with China research center, former Global digital medicine research center about project cooperation and students training
  • Undertaking many national key projects

Study & Living Environment


About City-Shanghai, an internationalized City

  • Compared with other cities in China, Shanghai, a symbol of modern and developing, it’s the first free trade zone in China, many business companies will offer students with good internship opportunities.
  • Convenient transportation, area with advanced economy and higher internationalisation
  • As a good International harbor, Shanghai harbor’s cargo throughput and container handling ranks No.1 in the world.
  • The weather in Shanghai is mild and humid, with a short spring and autumn and longer winter and summer, compared with the weather in Beijing, which is moist.
  • Chinese Traditional culture also showed incisively and vividly in Shanghai, also, Shanghai has its own special features, like shanghai dialect, it’s funny and distinctive,Shanghai opera,etc.

About Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Strong teaching faculties, equipped with national key labs and studying devices
  • Develop cooperation with advanced foreign education schools
  • Free study atmosphere and innovative study attitude

Words from International Students

Why students choose to study in Shanghai Jiaotong  University

Students around the world come to Fudan University for different reasons,  some for its reputation, some for friends recommendation, some for its teaching quality, some for its cheaper tuition fee,etc.

How is it feel like to attend Shanghai Jiaotong University?

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.
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Editor's Words

Language applicants can not live in on-campus housing

Compared with degree applicants, language students need to rent the house which is in off-campus .

Shanghai Jiaotong University application deadline is earlier than many other China universities

Normally, the application deadline of Shanghai Jiaotong University will be ended in the end of April. Also.some popular programs will earlier ended for the quota limitation, first come, first served.

Entrance test is required by Shanghai Jiaotong University for degree students

Otherwise, applicants applying for exemption from the entrance tests should provide relevant certificates. Students who wish to apply for exemption from the entrance exam should qualify the following requirements (prove at least one of the following):

Major SAT IB GCE A-level ACT Others
Liberal Art SAT I score above 1300 Received IB certificate. Attended at least 3 A-level courses, must include Math and two relevant courses related to the major you wish to apply to. Received grade A for at least two subjects. ACT score≥27 Other equivalent certificates that can prove your academic proficiency (national level high school graduation Exam or college entrance exam)
Attended at least 3 HL and 3 SL courses. Courses that were taken must be related to the major you wish to apply to. Total points ≥35,each course must be≥ 5
Math & Science SAT I score above 1300 (Math≥ 700) Received IB certificate.
Economics & Management   Attended at least 3 HL and 3 SL courses. HL courses must include Math≥6.Courses that were taken must be related to the major you wish to apply to. Total points≥36,each course must be≥ 5

Except the related major grade requirements,  which required your chinese language level is HSK 5 or other equivalent level.

For degree programs, students applying exemption may submit their application later about one month than students who applying for entrance test. For example, the application deadline fpr students who applying exemption is in May 31,2017 and the application deadline for applying  entrance test is in April 7, 2017.