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Wuhan University Admission Requirements:How to be Admitted by Wuhan University

Wuhan University admission requirements is a vital part for a international students who want to be  admitted by Wuhan University successfully. The following is detailed information about Wuhan University Admission Requirement, knowing it early is good for your application.

Wuhan University Admission Requirement:how to be admitted by Wuhan University

Admission Requirement: Basic Demands
Above 18 years old, in-good healthy, condition, non-Chinese nationality

Admission Requirement: Degree Requirements
With equivalent to graduating from high school or above educational background

Admission Requirements: HSK Requirement
1.The students who want to apply for Chinese taught undergraduate courses of science and engineering programs should supply a new HSK IV level certificate.
2.The students who want to apply for Chinese taught master program or PHD program of liberal arts,medical science, and technology programs should supply a new HSK V level certificate. If you can’t provide this certificate, you should study a Chinese training course for a year before you study degree programs, you can take professional courses after getting the relevant HSK certificate.


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