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Xuzhou Medical College MBBS Fee Structure

According to international students'different requirements about the MBBS fee structure, the editor specially writes the details of MBBS fee structure about Xuzhou Medical College for international student. If you wonder other university’s MBBS fee structure, please let me know. Next time, maybe you could get the answer that you want to know.

Following is the MBBS Fees Structure of Xuzhou Medical College

Xuzhou Medical College MBBS Fee Structure

University name: Xuzhou Medical College
Program name: MBBS

  1. Registration fee: 400 RMB(pay at registration)
  2. Tuition fee: 28 000RMB/academic year
  3. Hostel fee: 4 600RMB/person/academic year (double room)
  4. Others: pay required fees to the acceptors when processing physical exam, residence permit and insurance. All fees are not refundable and their use can’t be changed.