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BLCU Scholarship: CUCAS Creates a New Record on Scholarship Application

Today is a lucky day for two foreign students who had successfully got the scholarship of Beijing Language and Culture University within two hours.

After the two students provided application materials for CUCAS, CUCAS’s staff started to apply the scholarship at 13:00 this afternoon, and the results surprised us. Only after two hours, at 15:00 the same day, we received the approved scholarship application from Beijing Language and Culture University.

What they got the scholarship is up to 2,3200RMB, and the tuition fee about studying in Beijing Language and Culture University will exempt from March 09,2015 to January 31, 2015. We are so happy about this, congratulation again.

Beautiful things always happen in the day full of hopes, what encouraged CUCAS is a reply letter which was wrote by one of the students who got the Scholarship of Beijing Language and Culture University:

In spring semester, there are many hot courses in CUCAS, if you want to study in China and get the global impact scholarship, spring is a sound time for you. Without any questions, CUCAS staffs will try their best to help you, especially in high efficiency. Your desire will be satisfied in CUCAS.


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