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CUCAS Chinese Valentine's Day (7.7) CUCAS Coupon for Scholarship

Date: August 17,2018

Summary: For celebration, CUCAS offer the special coupon for you guys to save $100 service fee for scholarships! You can get a $100 worth coupon by simply spending $7 for applying all available scholarship programs on CUCAS!

CUCAS Chinese Valentine's Day (7.7) CUCAS Coupon
- Apply for 5,000RMB Scholarship of Ningbo University

Core Facts

Program Highlights

1. 5,000RMB Scholarship at first year.

2. CUCAS coupon: $7 for $100 (buy at $7 use as $100).

3. An option to study at the University of Manitoba in Canada for 2 years.

4. All courses are taught in English, without Chinese language proficiency requirement.

5. International recognized with advanced teaching philosophy and teaching the administrative system.

Basic information

Business Administration




4 Years

Teaching Language


Starting Date

Sep 8 , 2018

Application Deadline

Aug 31 , 2018


Fee structure

Fee structure

Tuition Fee

RMB18,000/year in NBU
CAD 25,000/year in UM


waives RMB 5,000 of tuition
 in the first year


from RMB 50 to RMB 160/month


RMB 600/ year

Service Fee

$500 (use coupon to save $100)

Living Expense

about RMB 1,000/month

Why Ningbo University?
Ningbo University is located in a beautiful port city -- Ningbo -- the capital of Zhejiang Province. It has been attaching great attention to the development of international cooperation and exchanges. Professors from different universities come together to do cooperative research, workshop, academic exchange.

Campus Environment
Ningbo University generally consists of three campuses, the east campus which is the main campus, the west campus and the north campus.
Ningbo University owns leading learning and teaching facilities. Its library now has a CNKI Network Administration Service Center and a collection of approximately 3,310,000 books.
There two dormitories for international students to choose, and accommodation is just about 30~40 RMB per person a day. Rooms are equipped with private toilet, hot water, air-condition, telephone and internet connections. Please note that the cost does not include water or electricity.

Dormitories on the East Campus



Double Room

4,000RMB/academic year

Quad Room

2,500RMB/academic year

No need to bring kitchen and bed stuff and room service is provided once a week.

The International Students' Hostel



Single Room


Double Room


You need to bring your own bedding and there is no room service.

Extracurriculum Activities

Ningbo University offers plentiful opportunities for international students to participate in various activities such as Kongfu, Painting, Calligraphy, Dancing, Chess and Traditional Instruments.

All About the Program
NBU-UM BBA Program, jointly launched in 2006 by Ningbo University in China and the University of Manitoba (UM) in Canada, is the first authorized joint educational program in Ningbo. It adopts the advanced teaching philosophy and teaching administrative system through the introduction of curriculum, course outline and teaching methodology from UM. Both institutes admit credit transfer within the program.
Training Target
The program aims at fostering versatile, innovational, and practical international business managerial professionals equipped with international vision, English proficiency, and business expertise.




Tuition Fee



The 1st and

2nd years

Ningbo University

RMB 18,000 per year

Undergraduate Diploma and Bachelor Degree by both UM and NBU

The 3rd and

4th years

University of Manitoba

CAD25,000 per year

(including tuition fee and moderate living expenses)


Four years

Ningbo University

RMB 18,000 per year

Undergraduate Diploma and Bachelor Degree by NBU


1. Students are free to select one of the above-listed modules, upon their first registration at NBU.
2. Regular university scholarships as well as Overseas Study Scholarship are available to excellent students
3. 2+2 module students can further their postgraduate study at UM.

Courses Structure
The major courses include Economics, Introduction to Management and Organization Theory, Basic Statistical Analysis, Introductory Financial Accounting, Commercial Law, Fundamentals of Marketing, Introduction to Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Corporate Finance, Information Systems for Management, Fundamentals of Production and Operations Management, etc.

Career Plan
The graduates will become managerial professionals in the fields of trade, management, and research either in the enterprises or in the governments, etc.
About the Scholarship
This scholarship is a freshmen scholarship, which covers 5,000RMB of your tuition fees but not waives other fees such as the accommodation fee.

You will be grated 5,000RMB in the first year. You can reapply for the scholarship in the following years in the university if you perform very well.
Note: You need pay tuition fee before coming to China to reserve scholarship seat.
About CUCAS Coupon
What is it used for?
Today is the Chinese Valentine's Day (“七夕” in Chinese), lovers observe this festival on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month every year in China. For celebration, CUCAS also offer the special coupon for you guys to save more service fee! You can get a $100 worth coupon by simply spending $7 for applying all available scholarship programs on CUCAS!

How to get one?

1. Click the button below to get a coupon.

2. You will arrive on the scholarship page of CUCAS and see a pop-up like this:

Please note that the pop-up will only appear once in the same browse within 24 hours.

3. After your payment, you will receive an e-mail with a coupon code like:


1. Each person can use only one coupon code for the same scholarship program.

2. The coupon code can be used for all available scholarship programs. There are many scholarship programs in Ningbo University you can still apply now!

3.You can only buy this coupon from today to August 23, 2018. But the term of use for your couple lasts until December 31, 2018. So don’t worry if you don’t want to use it immediately.

What Can You Get?

1. Have a good command of both English and Chinese.

2. Become a specialist in international business management.

3. Capable of operating international trade, management, and research.

4. Various cultural experience can give you an international vision.

5. A Bachelor Degree granted by Ningbo University or the University of Manitoba.

Apply Now

Entry Requirements

1. Have obtained senior high school diploma or equivalent education.

2. Be under the age of 30.

3. Be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.

4. Have a good academic record which is among the top of the class.

5. Should NOT be awarded other Chinese Government Scholarships of all levels.

Note: Only be admitted, students are required to pay tuition of one academic year as the admission deposit.

Application Materials

1. Notarized highest diploma and transcripts

2. Copy of passport

3. Health certificate

4. Recommendation letter

5. A 2-inch passport photo (white background)

6. Admission application form

7. English certificate for English-taught course

Application Process

Step 1: Click the button and buy a coupon at $7 first according to the process given in .
Step 2: Click the button below and jump to the application page of this scholarship program.
Step 3: Click “Apply Now” on the application page and use the coupon code in the payment step.

Step 4: CUCAS counselor will contact you, collect and submit your application materials to Ningbo University for review.

Step 5: When you get accepted, we will send you the invoice. You need to pay the tuition fee before you come to China to reserve scholarship seat. The 5,000RMB scholarship will send directly to your Chinese bank card in November.

Here are 5 questions 5 questions that you might want to ask:

1. Is it guaranteed to get the scholarship?

As long as you pay the tuition fee in time, you have 99% of chance to get the scholarship.

2. Is the money refundable if I failed?

No, because the application process for this scholarship is complicated and hard to deal with. We need a very long time to help you apply it. As a result, it is not refundable.

3. When can I know if I win the scholarship?

Normally, if you apply through us now, you can know the result in September.

4. When will the scholarship award?

You will receive 5,000RMB in November.

5. Is this scholarship for four years?

This is a one-year scholarship for freshmen. If you have a good performance, you may have the chance to apply for it consecutively. But we can’t guarantee you can win it consecutively.


This Friday we will give you another great program with CUCAS coupon code. If you are interested in a certain program, please email to We will choose the most popular one for you guys. Look for it!

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