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CUCAS Coupon Code(For Scholarship Programs): How it Works

Date: April 20, 2019

Summary: CUCAS Scholarship Coupon Code

CUCAS Coupon Code(For Scholarship Programs): How it Works

In order to help more students to get admission on CUCAS, CUCAS offers coupon code to help students save part of the service fee, which is already the lowest and most cost-effective price in this industry. This article tells you how to get and use CUCAS coupon code.

How to Get Coupon Code
You need to keep an eye on CUCAS homepage ( and CUCAS scholarship homepage ( to be update with CUCAS special offers and campaigns, we will announce promotions and campaigns aperiodically in our homepages to enable you get CUCAS coupon code. We have different types of coupon codes, you can learn their differences as below:
Coupon Codes for Self-sponsored Application Only: You can only use it when applying self-sponsored programs here:
Coupon Codes for Scholarship Application Only: You can only use it when applying scholarship programs here:
Coupon Codes for All Applications: You can use it to apply both self-sponsored and scholarship applications.
How to Use Coupon Code
Step 1. Get Coupon Code
After you have got a coupon code(composed by letters and numbers), you need to keep or remember it well in case you forget it. Also you need to know when it will expire clearly, if have want to make sure about it you can send an email to so we can confirm related information about your coupon code.

Step 2. Go to Payment Step of Applying Online
2.1 Now matter you apply self-sponsored program or scholarship programs, you will need to pay it online, and in the payment step for both of them, you will see a blank to let you input your coupon code. Here we take scholarship application as an example to show you how it works:
Open CUCAS scholarship homepage.( Search and find the scholarship program you want to apply then click "Apply Now" button.

2.2 Then confirm scholarship details, after you have confirmed, click "Apply Now" button to go to pay it online.

3. Input CUCAS Scholarship Coupon Code
In the payment step you will find a blank which allows you to input CUCAS scholarship coupon code. You can input it here and then click "Use It" button, then the price will be updated so you can enjoy the discount,


Q1:Is it a full scholarship?

A: It depends on which scholarship you chose.

Q2:Is the scholarship service fee refundable?

A: Please check our scholarship terms and conditions.

Q3:Can the coupon code be used for self-sponsored programs?

A: No

Q4:Can I give the coupon code to other people?

A: Yes but the coupon code will be binded with your register email, and each coupon code can be only used once. Once you paid with a coupon code, that coupon code will be no longer valid.

Q5:What about If I forget my coupon code?

A: You can send an email to by using your registered email, and we can check it for you.

For inquiries you can ask:



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