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Cost-Effective & High Admission Rate IET Program with Intern Opp

Date: January 24, 2019

Summary: A program designed for students who want to become professionals in international business operation and management.


Changchun University of Science and Technology

Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST) is located in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province of China. Changchun University of Science and Technology has accepted nearly 1000 international students since 1987.

About Changchun
  • Geographical Location: A central city of Northeast Asia
  • Climate: Pleasantly cool in Summer and cold in Winter
  • Tourism Attractions: Changbai Mountain, Jilin Frost, Chagan Lake winter fishing, Jingyue Lake, Skiing, Skating
  • Economic Highlights: Bullet Train manufacturing, Automobile Industry, Petrochemical, Agricultural Products Processing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Local Featured Products: Ginseng, Deer Antler, Fungus, Nut-tree mushroom, Matsutake, Hasma
  • Delicious Food: Dumplings, Hot pot, Chinese Style Barbecue, Stewed Chick with Mushroom, Stewed Pork with Potato Noodles
  • Vernacular: Putonghua (Mandarin), Changchun is one of the cities where citizens speak Mandarin in standard accent and intonation.

Changchun city stands at the central part of Northeast China. In history, it’s the last emperor, Pu Yi's ‘Imperial Capital’. Now, it has been built into a beautiful, prosperous, open and internationalized city, honored as the ‘Spring City of Northland’. It covers a total area of 20,604 square kilometers with a population of over 7 million. Changchun people are friendly and accommodating, so it is also called by the media as the most humane city in China.


Changchun is the cradle of China’s auto, movies, optics, biological pharmaceuticals and rail car industry, known as the ‘City of Automobile’, ‘City of Movies’. Due to its green-space ratio of 78% in the urban area, it enjoys a reputation of "Asian Forest City". It has a climate with four distinct seasons. In summer, air is fresh and favorable cool with tree-lined avenues; in winter, trees look like apparent jade and frozen nectar with their branches covered by white snow.

Changchun is an ideal place for international students to study and live in also for its low living cost.

International Economics and Trade

This is a four-year English-taught bachelor program designed for students who want to become professionals in international business operation and management.

Basic Information
Degree Bachelor
Duration 4 Years
Teaching Language English
Starting Date Sep 1,2019
Application Deadline Jul 10,2019
Fee Structure
Tuition ¥20,000 Perl Year
Accommodation From ¥4,800 to ¥8,400/semester
Insurance ¥800/year
Living Cost AAbout ¥2,200 to ¥2,500/month
Application Fee $75
Service Fee $50
  • English medium with low tuition & living cost
  • Teachers: Having good business background
  • Curricula: International Business
  • Teaching Planning: Professional Training + Foreign Trade Policy; Practical Teaching + Business Simulations.
  • Practice and Internship: Customs, International Trade Corporations, Cultural Media or Design Company
  • Adaptation period for freshmen: CUST offers first-semester Chinese language courses for international students gradually adapt to studying and living in China.
Learning Target
  • Be proficient in international trade and finance.
  • Having good communication skill in Chinese and English.
  • Capable of engaging in international business operation and management.
  • To perform interdisciplinary studies and to Function effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary/ multi-cultural team.
  • To build a greater understanding of the construction sector's role in building the built environment that supports the well-being of the global economy.
  • To communicate effectively, collaborate with, and respect different cultures.

Basic Economics, International Trade Practice, International Investment, International Finance, International Business, International Business Etiquette, Customs Clearance, Customs Inspection Practice, International Logistics, Multinational Corporation Management, International Marketing, International Business Correspondence, International Business Negotiation, Computer Application and Database Technique.

Career Prospects
  • Professionals in international business operation and management, such as commercial representatives or international business engineers working for internationalized business.
  • Specialists in international business negotiations.
  • Operation and management professionals in international economics culture organizations.
  • Consultants in international business law.
Internship & Job

Changchun University of Science and Technology will provide students with opportunities to do internships in customs, international trade corporations, cultural media or design companies.

Life in Changchun University of Science and Technology

There are colorful activities in Changchun University of Science and Technology, such as Chinese Corner, Trip culture experience, Sports meet, China traditional festivals immersion.


CUST provides international students with dormitories at International Education and Exchange Center (7-12 floors of Huayuan Hotel) located at the south campus of the university where fast trams and buses are accessible to the railway station and main downtown areas. Nearby there are banks, hospitals, bookstores, a post office, shopping malls and commercial streets. Basic living facilities are sound and complete.

  • Single and double rooms are available
  • Each room is equipped with a washing room with shower
  • With hot water supply
  • With a kitchen on each floor
  • With 24-hour security surveillance
International Students Apartment
Single Room ¥8,400 /semester
Double Room ¥4,800 /person /semester


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Entry Requirements

1) Non-Chinese citizen, healthy, under the age of 30 years old;

2) Having senior high school diploma or above level;

3) Non-native English speakers are required of new TOEFL(IBT) 72 or above, or TOEFL(CBT)200 or above, TOEFL(PBT)533 or above, or IELTS 5.5 or above.

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Application Materials

·A copy of valid passport

·A copy of the transcript of senior high school

·A copy of the diploma of senior high school

·English Proficiency Certificate, namely certificates of TOEFL or IELTS for those non-English speakers

·A CV in Chinese or English including personal information, education background, work experience or internship or achievements.

For applicants who are in China: If you are an employee, you still need to provide employment separation certificate and your current residence permit. If you are a student, you need to provide a transfer certificate, leaving certificate, certificate of attendance rate issued by previous school and your current residence permit.

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Application Process

Step 1


Long press or scan the QR code below and jump to the application page


Step 2


Click the “Apply Now” button and log in or register an account.


Step 3


Fill in the application form and upload complete documents.


Step 4


Pay $75 application fee and $50 service fee.


Step 5


Just wait for the notification from CUCAS team.



For inquiry, you can contact one of our counselors below:


WhatsApp: +8618910289593

WeChat: Andy-CUCAS


WhatsApp: +8615811357692

Wechat: 15811357692


Here are some questions that international students most curious about this program:

0 1 What about its ranking in China?

CUST ranked 174th among 600+ Chinese universities.

0 2 Is there any airport pick-up service?

Yes, CUCAS can offer you airport pick-up service if you apply through us. You can book this service on the homepage of CUCAS after you log in your own account:

If you are curious about a certain program, you can tell us, too. We will find the most detailed information about it for you.

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