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CUCAS July Welcome Dinner

CUCAS July Welcome Dinner

Publish Date:2011-07-01 17:00

CUCAS serial activities for enriching life of all CUCAS students in China have started by the beginning of the CUCAS July welcome dinner.

We'd like to introduce authentic Beijing dishes to our new alumni, so the dinner was held at a restaurant which is famous for its traditional Beijing dishes.

Before start 

This is the famous Beijing Roast Duck. Onsite slicing is a featured performance. And the taste is truly as good as it is said.

Steamed perch fillet

Left: Fried eggplant with soy sauce.
Top right: Kung Pao Chicken
(Diced chicken stir-fried with peanuts, bamboo shoots and chili pepper)
Lower right: Salted egg yolk with baked pumpkin

Kung Pao Chicken is familiar by foreign friends, while Fried Eggplant in Brown Sauce is a new good recommendation. The Egg yolk covers pumpkin is a typical popular Beijing dish. It’s not that famous overseas, but it gained all our compliments that night.

This is how we eat the duck.

We’d like to take a full version photo of the dishes. But it was too late…..

Hope our activities could make our students more colorful life in China. And we will hold more interesting activities for the coming new students. Remember to add on your mailing list to receive our invitation.