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5 Things about Your Study Abroad Packing List in China

Packing Your Baggage for Study in China

Have you pack well your baggage for study abroad? Do you know what should you prepare for studying in China? Here, in order to help international students have a better study trip no matter in this time or in the future, CUCAS make a list and hope this list will be useful for you!


1.Letter of admission, JW 202 form

2.Passport and copies of it;

  • students who holds VISA XI (above six months study period) should apply for resident permit within 30 days after arrival, and then students can live in China legally.
  • Students who hold VISA X2 (less than six months study time) do not handle resident permit.
  • Tips: Here CUCAS Suggests students do not enter into China too earlier, because students can apply for their resident permit in Local Ministry of Public Security of Exit-Entry Administration Bureau(当地公安局出入境管理机构) after they registered in School.

3.High school/university transcripts, Certificate/diploma of highest education.

  • Tips: In case of any emergency,please translate your certificates in Chinese in advance

4.ID photo (2 inch/1 inch, about 10 pieces, you may need them everywhere)

5.Think up a Chinese Name for you

  • If you don’t have a Chinese name, please think up a Chinese name in advance, you need to use the Chinese name many times when you go through the procedures in school.

6.Physical examination record

  • Students who had taken physical examination in your local country according to PHSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER before coming to China should bring the original PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER with you.
  • If international students physical examination form don’t meet the universityrequirements after you come to university, some Chinese universities will organize students to recheck in local health care center.
  • The term of validity of the physical examination record is 6 months. The record is needed when you handle the Residence Permit For Foreigners.

7. Air Tickets and itinerary

1.If your target university required you to pay the tuition fee in advance, you need to take the tuition receipt or original script of remittance.
2.If the university requires you to pay the tuition fee after your arrival, you may need to take some cash or China UnionPay card, or other cards which can be accepted by university.
3.Students can transfer their money in following banks (partial)in China:  China Bank:, China Construction Bank: , China Agriculture Bank:
Tips: Normally, Wechat and Alipay are the most used payment ways in China, people can buy most part of things through Wechat and Alipay when they have no cash.
Daily Use
1.Electronic Products : Mobile phone,Computer, Mobile hard disc or USB drive, Data wire, Charger, Mobile Power Source, Earphone, Plug converter
2.Clothes: take underwear,clothes,shoes,scarf,gloves you usually wear on. Chinese underwear size is different with other countries.
3.Toiletries: Comb or brush, Shaving cream, Razor, Moisturiser, Make-up,Tampons and pads,Toothbrush, toothpaste,etc.
4.First aid kit: motion sickness tablets, diarrhoea tablets, umbrella or a raincoat or poncho, mosquito repellent.
University Address
1.Get the correct university address in Chinese or university Map
2.Clear routines to university, clear the registration date and address
3.Airport Pick-up Service:
Please advance confirm whether the university will offer Pick-up airport or not; if not, you can book Pick-up service in CUCAS
Other Basic Information

1.The emergency telephone in China

  • Alarm telephone: 110
  • Medical Emergency telephone: 120
  • Fire Emergency telephone: 119
  • Traffic accidents telephone: 122

2.Common Apps in China

  • For Map- Gaode Map,高德地图, Baidu Map 百度地图
  • For shopping : Taobao, one of the most popular shopping platforms online, you can buy everything like, food,clothes, living goods, also, many international brands have set up the official online store in Taobao, but one more thing you need to know is that the express delivery time in China is about 2-3 days between different cities. The most fast shopping way, JD (京东), Tianmao Supermarket(天猫超市), which can sent you goods within one day if you buy goods in the morning or you can book the delivery time.
  • For medicine drug: Kuaifangsongyao 快方送药, if you want to buy OTC drugs, you can make use of this app, in which the cost is cheap and  delivery speed is fast.
  • For Chinese Learning: Pleco, you can search out some crucial words through it when you don't know how to descibe in Chinese
  • For Communication in China:  Wechat, QQ, which are same as skype, whatsapp, etc. but different with them.
  • For Vedio watching- QQlive, QIY, bilibili, Youtube
  • For music: QQ Music, Netease Music, etc.
  • For taxi: Didingdache (滴滴打车) like Urber, you can take a taxi through this app.

Tips: Owing to the national policy, some foreign websites can not be accessed in China. If you want to log in that websites, you can buy vpn service through taobao or other related institutions.

Example in Beijing

The winter weather in Beijing is about under 5 temperature, which means the environment is more dry and cold.

What things do you need to prepare if you study in winter Beijing?

  • Lip balm, keep the mouth moist; Humidifier, make your around environment more moist; Down Jacket: keep warm,although heater is offered in north of China, but if you go outside, you still need to wear very warm in winter of north of China
  • Tonic food in winter of Beijing, Students can eat more pear, winter jujube, apple, pomelo to relieve inflammation or internal heat
  • Smog days: Students can wear a gauze mask in smog days, the brand here suggest 3M 8576, Shigematsu(重松)DD11V.

The weather is different in China different cities, students need to search more local life information in case of your body not feel good in a new environment.