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School Accommodation Booking Service is Now Open to CUCAS Users

School Accommodation Booking Service is Now Open to CUCAS Users

Publish Date:2012-05-23 17:05

Are you excited for studying in China? During your study time, you can not only learn knowledge, but also discover the beautiful natural scenery, the multi-ethnic culture, all kinds of cuisine, etc.  All these are waiting for you to experience.

However, are you worry about the living conditions in Chinese university? What is the accommodation like? Are there pillow and quilt provided? How about the cost? How to book a dorm? A series of questions are needed to be determined before departure. No one wants to carry the heavy luggage and find a place to live when arriving in school.

CUCAS has launched the School Accommodation Booking Service! After applying and having been accepted, CUCAS can assist you in booking a dormitory at your university. So, now you can to say goodbye with all the above questions.

CUCAS users will enjoy this service for free. With only two steps, you can complete the accommodation booking:

  1. Get to know the living conditions of your university, choose a satisfactory dormitory. You can find the accommodation details through CUCAS, in the column of "Accommodation" on the university’s webpage on CUCAS. You can choose the room type you like.
  2. Fill in the online booking form and submit to CUCAS.

Then, CUCAS’s staffs will communicate with the school, help you finish the booking. Most of the accommodation bookings will be successful. But in some universities, because of the limited rooms, bookings are not guaranteed. We will send you the notification as soon as we confirm the result. If the room booking is failed, we will try to help you obtain other accommodation options and information.

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