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List of Computer Program Taught in English in Beijing

Computer, as an indispensable part in people’ life, many international students choose computer program as their major. With the development of China’ economy, there are more universities in Beijing opened the computer program and which was taught in English.

List of Computer Program Taught in English in Beijing

Following is the Chinese universities list of computer program taught in English in Beijing.

    1. Tsinghua University (Master/39,000RMB)
    2. Beijing Institute of Technology (Bachelor/30,600RMB, Master/36,600RMB)
    3. Beihang University (Bachelor/30,000RMB, Master/35,000RMB)
    4. Beijing Technology and Business University (Master/26,000RMB)
    5. Beijing Jiaotong University (Bachelor/29,000RMB, Master/29,000RMB)
    Note: The fee only means the tuition fee.

Above all universities offer computer program and taught in English, different degree has different fee standard. You can apply these universities through CUCAS, which is easy and simple, come on!


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