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Master Program of Oncology list among Chinese Universities

Oncology, with the people’s attention to health and other factors, increasingly arouse more and more international students to set foot in this field. Chinese universities open master program of oncology to welcome international studnets coming.

Master Program of Oncology list among Chinese Universities

Following is the master program of oncology list among Chinese universities.

   1. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
   2. Zhejiang University
   3. Wuhan University
   4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University
   5. Sun Yat-sen University
   6. Central South University
   7. Sichuan University
   8. Tongji University
   9. Shandong University
   10. Hebei Medical University
   11. Chongqing Medical University
   12. Zhengzhou University
   13. Soochow University
   14. Guangxi Medical University
   15. Henan University

You can choose one of these above universities to study oncology, meanwhile, CUCAS can help you to apply for oncology program in these universities, in which the process is easy and simple.


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