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Dear students:

June 30 is the application deadline of many universities in China. If you submit application on June 30 or June 29, you may encounter the application peak time and get the admission result later than normal time since so many students submit application at the last day. So you are suggested to submit your application earlier than the actual deadline, for example if you want to apply a program that deadline is on June 30, you are highly suggested to submit it before June 20, 10 days earlier than the application deadline will help you:

1. Make sure you have enough time for your application.

After you submitted your application on CUCAS, our admission team will check your application and ask you provide more information if you didn’t provide at first time, so you will have more time for yourself to deal with unexpected conditions, such as you may left one document, wrong documents submitted, missed some required information etc. If you submit application on the exact deadline day, you will not have any time for those situations.


2.Do not miss the deadline.

In the deadline day, some universities may close their application system earlier than expected since they may have a lot of applications already. So if you submit application on the exact deadline day, then the university may has already closed the application system at the time you submitted, and you will miss the deadline.


3.Get admission result earlier.

The earlier you submit your application, the earlier you will know the result of your application. Especially for those universities that have limited seats for their programs, even one day of earlier submission will make huge difference, you may get admission or get rejected just because of the time of you submitted your application.

Please submit your application earlier than the deadline, and if you have more questions, please feel free to contact for help or direct contact with Andy, Cathy,

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