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Learn More about Studying in Beijing

Learn More about Studying in Beijing

Publish Date:2011-06-19 17:32

We've added a new feature to our website which offers the most convenient online directory of universities and courses for overseas students wishing to study in Beijing.

Do you want to learn standard Mandarin? Do you want to personally experience the real charm of China’s ancient civilization? Do you want to explore a new gateway to your future? Don’t hesitate anymore! Beijing awaits. More than 20,000 international students are enrolled in Beijing's universities and colleges each year, making this vibrant metropolis the most popular destination for international students who wish to continue their education in China.

In order to meet the rising demand of international students looking to study in Beijing, we’ve compiled this directory to help you find the most suitable university and study program in Beijing. Students interested in  learning Chinese can choose from short-term or long-term language programs, or the pre-college program for those who want to improve their Chinese language proficiency before starting a degree program. English taught undergraduate programs are very popular with high school graduates from overseas, and for the graduates, MBA, IMBA, Finance, International trade, International Business, and Computer Software Engineering are also featured. 


As ever, we'd love to hear your suggestions or opinions. You are very welcome to leave your comments on the feedback page.

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