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Prize-winning Questionnaire for Pakistan Students

Prize-winning Questionnaire for Pakistan Students

Publish Date:2011-09-15 09:11

From September 24th to October 7th, CUCAS will hold a Prize-winning Questionnaire for Pakistan students. Among the participants, we will select 10 lucky dogs to waive the CUCAS service fee and application fee for their application to a university, or award them an online mandarin course worth 600.

The online mandarin course is offered by the Department of Distance Teaching of Chinese ( at Beijing Language and Culture University. "Life Chinese" course will be taught and "Elementary Chinese" will also be taught as a complimentary course. The validity lasts for three months after your beginning to learn.

Online Mandarin Course Description

"Life Chinese" contains 15 lessons, including contents on Greeting, Self-introduction, Introducing Others, and Asking & Answering on Nationality, Job, Time, the Way and Direction, Shopping, Dish Ordering, Reservation, Money Exchange, Call Making, Doctor seeing and Help Seeking, which are among the 15 most common communicative functions for life.

Each communicative function will be demonstrated through simulations of two real scenes and learners can acquire the basic communication skills through elaborate teaching stages. Besides, 2 or 3 key sentences in common use, expanded vocabulary and cultural contents for relevant topics, and interactive exercises for each communicative function will be included during each lesson, which can help learners grasp the learning contents.

"Elementary Chinese" contains 15 lessons with 15 functional topics closely related to life. Students will learn the vocabulary, grammar and common sentences according to the topics. Practice of course contents is included and relevant cultural contents will be taught.

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