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To Study in China, I Chose CUCAS MAROC!

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To Study in China, I Chose CUCAS Maroc!



So glad and proud for what we have done for so many students who want to study in China every year!

If you are a student from Morocco, you should choose CUCAS Maroc to apply universities in China! Founded in 2018, CUCAS Maroc is the CUCAS official branch company in Morocco.
2018年,CUCAS在摩洛哥正式设立其分公司——CUCAS Maroc。如果你来自摩洛哥,CUCAS Maroc是你申请中国大学的最佳选择。

Watch the video below to feel CUCAS Maroc's service in China and how do students think about the service of CUCAS Maroc!
观看以下视频,你可以了解CUCAS Maroc在中国为留学生提供的服务,也能听到学生们对我们服务质量的亲身感受。


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Address: 70 Avenue Feld Ould Oumeir, Appt 9, Agdal-Rabat

Tel: Mohamed : +212 662193233 // Mohcine : +212 662195010


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