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CUCAS Thanksgiving - What are You Thankful for?

CUCAS Thanksgiving - What are You Thankful for?

Publish Date:2012-10-31 17:47

To mark Thanksgiving 2012 we asked some of CUCAS' staff members to tell us what they're thankful for this year. What are you thankful for this year? Let us know! From CUCAS - The easiest way to apply to Chinese universities.

  • Our boss, Cucas Peter (left top), has a number of people to thank this year - his brother, his parents, his partners and his car - because it always gets him where he wants to go!
  • Sisly (upper left), our marketing guru, tells us what Thanksgiving means to her. What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Who do you want to thank this year? Let us know!
  • Zhou Dong (right bottom) wants to thank his Dad, for always looking out for him.
  • Pei Anqi (left bottom) doesn't seem to have anyone to thank, but she does want to wish all of you a very FULL thanksgiving. I assume she means full of turkey!
  • William (lower left), on behalf of our school liaison department, wants to thank CUCAS, for bringing us all together! Thanks William!
  • Tang Xuguang (mid left bottom), from our development team, thanks his mum for her love and support.
  • Peggy (mid right bottom), another of our customer service team, sends her Mum a big thanks!
  • And finally, Buck (right center) wants to thank the members of the student service department, for being there to share the ups and downs of the year.
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