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Introduction of CUCAS Guardianship Service for Students Age Under 18

Date: August 18, 2023

Summary: This is a premium service from CUCAS that aims to help students who are under 18 provide guardian service when they study in China.

To help students who are under 18 to study in China, CUCAS could provide guardian service. Students under 18 years old could find a guardian with the support of CUCAS, and the guardian will take care of the student while he/she is in China until he/she turns 18 years old. 


. What is a Guardianship in China

All international students under the age of 18 studying in China will need to find a guardian. The guardian has a number of responsibilities over the student. The guardian is usually a Chinese person in the city where the student’s university is located but sometimes can be a person from other countries or Chinese in other cities as well.

The guardian has to assist the student with some special or urgent matters when the university asked and sometimes may need to attend school meetings on behalf of the student’s parents. In rare cases of emergencies, the guardian has the power to make decisions about medical treatments.

Given these responsibilities, it’s important for parents to find a guardian who’s responsible through a reputable guardianship service. A professional guardian can help ease a parent’s mind about their young child in boarding school.


. Why CUCAS Guardianship Service

Reason 1: CUCAS has a connection of around 1,000 Chinese universities and is based in China. We can easily communicate with Chinese universities in different cases, to solve problems for students in time.

Reason 2: Every year thousands of international students chose to study in China via CUCAS, we know exactly what students want and need for help, and the guardian we find will provide help to the student.

Reason 3: Cost-effective. Usually, a guardian will charge about 700 to 3000 USD for guardianship service, CUCAS only charges 300 USD for a student who applied to Chinese universities, and also, we only provide this service to a student who applied to Chinese universities via CUCAS.


Ⅲ. Who Can Use CUCAS Guardianship Service

You can use CUCAS guardianship service when you meet the following conditions:

1. You are under 18 years old.

2. You have applied to a Chinese university through CUCAS. And we can only provide guardianship service for the university you applied to via CUCAS.

3. You have never committed any crime before.

4. You would like to obey the laws of China and the regulations of Chinese universities.


. CUCAS Guardianship Service Cost and Fees

l 300 USD for each university.

-Service including:

1. Find a qualified guardian for you and sign a related document according to the requirement of the university in time.

2. The guardian will provide related documents according to the university’s requirements and bear-related responsibilities for you before you are 18 years.

3. Fees for document notarization in China(If necessary).

You will need to pay extra fees not mentioned above, like transportation fees for the guardian if he/she needs to go to your university, or costs during the process of handling problems for you, etc.

-Refund conditions:

1. If you are rejected by the university you are applying or you are accepted but want to give up the admission offer, we can refund you 60% of the fees but you have to sign the related declaration and bear the costs for tax and transaction(about 10%).

2. Once you entered China and registered in the university you applied on CUCAS, the guardianship service fee is non-refundable. 


Ⅴ. How to Enjoy CUCAS Guardianship Service

Step 1: Contact our admission team: for the guidance of CUCAS Guardianship Service.

Step 2: Sign“CUCAS Guardianship Service Agreement”(see in attachment 1) and“Release Statement of Guardianship”(see in attachment 2) and send us back scan copies.

Step 3: Pay the service fee once you decided to use our service and send the payment receipt to our admission team.

Step 4: We will find a qualified guardian for you(normally within 3 working days) and he will sign a “Guardian Letter”(see a template in attachment 3) according to the requirement of your university for you and provide related needed documents to the university in time.

This is a premium service that aims to help students who are under 18 to study in China. We’re here to help and take care of you as much as we can until he/she turns 18 years old. We are committed to finding a quicker, easier, and more cost-effective way for students applying to China's universities. 




Attachment 1: CUCAS Guardianship Service Agreement

Attachment 2Release Statement of Guardianship

Attachment 3: Guardian Letter Sample




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