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About CUCAS Application Evaluation

Date: August 2, 2019

Summary: CUCAS Application Evaluation is designed to help those students who are doubtful about whether or not they can be accepted by some certain universities as self-sponsored or scholarship students.

About CUCAS Application Evaluation

CUCAS Application Evaluation is designed to help those students who are doubtful about whether or not they can be accepted by some certain universities as self-sponsored or scholarship students. After you got CUCAS Application Evaluation, you will get a detailed report and more accurate success admission rate(For example: 90%) about your application, so you can decide whether or not to apply the university you planned to before you pay the fees, to minimize the risk of wasting your time and money.

Why CUCAS Application Evaluation:
1. Get the most accurate admission chance evaluation report. CUCAS will evaluate your documents, make data analysis according to CUCAS data base and communicate with university to show you your chance of being accepted before you apply.
2. Minimize the risk of wasting your time and money before you submit application. Unlike you pay and submit applications directly, an application evaluation will help you know the success rate of your application before ou actually pay and submit your application.
3. Enjoy extra refund policy on service fee and application fee on CUCAS. If you purchased the application evaluation service, the success rate for a university on the report is over 90%, you applied it then your application was rejected, we will refund you 80% of the service fee and application fee.

Service Standard
Price: 10 USD (Non-refundable)
Eligibility: All students.
Time: You can get the evaluation report within 24 hours during business days after you purchased this order.
Service contains:
1. A detailed application evaluation report that shows your admission success rate for 3 universities in China.
2. A 10 minutes call about your application to Chinese universities from our counselors.
3. If the success rate on the report for a university is over 90%, you then applied to the same university on CUCAS but failed, we will refund 80% of your service fee and application fee.
1. The success rate is only for your application on CUCAS. We are not responsible for your applications through other channels.
2. Since the policy of a university might be changed according to their plans, we can guarantee the accuracy of the report for only 6 months.
3. If your application was turned down due to following reasons, then we cannot refund you the application fee and service fee.
-You failed to provide information or documents before the deadline.
-You provided fake information or documents.
-You give up or cannot continue the admission due to your personal reasons.
4. You can only book this service to test success rate in currently existing universities on CUCAS.
5. Booking application evaluation report doesn't mean CUCAS has submitted your application to universities already, to submit application, you need to pay the service fee and application fee as well.
We reserve all the right for the final explanation.
How it Works
Step 1 . Book CUCAS Application Evaluation Service
You can book it online with 10 USD on CUCAS. Then our counselor will contact you to collect your core information, documents and help you choose 3 universities for the test in the report.
You can book the service through any CUCAS program page by clicking the button below:

Step 2. CUCAS Confirmation Process
2.1. Our experienced counselor will check your core information, communicate with you to understand you better, and make sure deliver the whole information of you to the university directly..
2.2. We will check your possibility of admission to those universities according to our data of thousands applications in the past, to figure out the possibility of your admission.
2.3. We will communicate with universities to get authoritative answers for your admission.
Then we will come out with the most authoritative application report for you.

Step 3. Get Application Evaluation Report
Our counselor will send it to you, and we will customize a plan for your application in China to make you well prepared for your application.

(Click to Download a Sample)

Q1:Does that mean if my success rate on the report is higher than 90%, then I will be guaranteed for admission?

A: No. Unless it is 100%.

Q2:Does that mean if I booked the application evaluation report, then CUCAS will submit my application to the university?

A: No. We will do evaluation and communication for you, but not officially submit your application to the university.

Q3:Will I need to pay application fee and service fee after I bought the CUCAS Application Evaluation service?

A: Yes, you need.

Q4:Is the CUCAS application evaluation report same with pre-admission letter in CSC scholarship?

A: No. It is different.

Q5:How do I get service fee or application fee refund if my case matches the extra refund policy mentioned in above?

A: You can write an email to for it.

For inquiries you can ask:



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