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How to Buy Cold Medicine in China: Daily Chinese Express Will Do You A Favor

As a foreign people, Getting sick in China will make your happy life become blue, but you must face head-on it, especially for a student who has a heavy burden of schoolworks. So if you are ill in abroad, please do not worried more about it, your mood should keep calm. What you need to do firstly is to check your condition and your location, and then decided to buy which kinds of medicine to deal or see a doctor to cope with it.

How to Buy Cold Medicine in China: Daily Chinese Express Will Do You A Favor

Generally, foreign people were confused about buying cold medicine if they have a fever. Here, I recommend you some ways to buy cold medicine.
If you are a worker, you need to find a hospital or clinic which next to your location through  “Baidu” ( China version Google), if you have problems when you find the hospital, you can contact them through the telephone before you go to there, many internet pharmacy will show their telephone in the website. Another way to find the pharmacy is go to the downtown of the city and other places you are familiar with.

If your friends were in local areas, you can contact him and ask for his help to buy cold medicine for you, which is simple and easy.
When you go to hospital by yourself, you should tell the doctor what your condition is, like headache( tou teng), dizzy (tou yun), sneeze (da pen ti), runny nose (liu bi ti), starting hot all over (hong sheng fa re). And you can tell the doctor you want to buy cold medicine in simple Chinese, like “Ganmaoling 999”, which is a good Chinese patent medicine.

Apart from buying cold medicine, you need to drink more cups of hot honey water or boiled water without any additives to dealing with fever, eat more vegetables and fruits and exercise more to enhance your body immunity in your daily life.
Making use of your leisure time to learn a simple Daily Chinese by communicating with Chinese people, or learning it by reading oral books, you will feel so easy when you want to buy cold medicines.