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Top 3 MBBS Program You Can not Miss in Spring Semester

According to CUCAS’ application data these years, MBBS has always been the hottest course in spring semester, enjoying the most popularity among all courses. Many universities in China have started the 2015 spring semester’s MBBS program application. But which university is better to study in? For students who are hesitant in choosing schools, this guidance is definitely useful. Here, we have recommended you three hot schools, letting you learn more information and have a clearer idea.

No 1. Clinical Medicine in Nankai University

The best choice must be Nankai University, which is a recognized medical school and listed in the WHO ADVICENNA database. Endowed with a pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings and a favorable academic atmosphere, Nankai University is an ideal place for learning.

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  • Taught in English
  • Ranked 10th overall in China (QS Rankings 2014/2015) and top 350 in the world (QS Rankings 2014/2015)
  • Formal teaching sessions are complemented by practical sessions in specialist laboratories, giving you plenty of opportunity to practice and perfect essential day-to-day clinical procedures and techniques.

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No.2 MBBS in Dalian Medical University

It is also a worthwhile choice to study in Dalian Medical University. Being as the largest medical university in China which enrolls the largest number of international students for MBBS program, it is multicultural and enjoys good reputation. The MBBS program is popular for its solid foundation and strong academic strength.

  • Free application fee
  • Taught in English
  • Internship opportunity in the first-rank hospital
  • The degree is recognized in 31 countries

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No.3 Clinical Medicine in Liaoning Medical University

    You can also choose Liaoning Medical University, as it is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools. With low cost, good services and outstanding teaching quality, it becomes more and more popular.

  • Free application fee
  • Lowest tuition fee (About 50% lower than common MBBS programs )
  • Taught in English
  • The University is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools.

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