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Top University in China-Fudan University

Fudan University

Fudan University, located in an internationalized city, Shanghai,  which brings together Chinese traditional cultures and modern cities styles on here. As a student who want to study in China, Shanghai deserves your coming,also Fudan University as one of the top universities in Shanghai is pupular among students.

Fudan University Ranking is keeping top in China

( above data "0" means this  institution has no publish university ranking in 2017 or 2018)

Above data showed no matter from which side, Fudan university ranking is still keep growing, which is one of top 5 universities in China and is striving to enter into top 50 global universities.

Different kind of institution ranking can evaluate Fudan University from different parts.


QS Ranking

criteria and weighting

The (Times higher education) Ranking

criteria and weighting

ARWU Ranking

criteria and weighting

Academic Peer Review 40%
Global Employer Review 10%
Citations per faculty 20%
Faculty student ratio 20%
International Student Ratio 5%
International Faculty Ratio 5%
Industry Income – innovation 2.5%
International diversity 5%
Teaching – the learning environment 30.5%
Research – volume, income and reputation 30.0%
Citations – research influence 32.5%
Quality of education 10%
Quality of faculty 40%
Research output 40%
Per capita performance 10%

Key Programs in Fudan University

Fudan University programs are listed in top ranking no matter in China or around the world.

  • 12 level 1 disciplines rank top 3 in China
  • 17 leve 1 disciplines rank top 5 in China
  • 15 discplines rank 1% by ESI globally
  • 3 disciplines rank top 100 in the world (Chemistry No. 48th,Material Science No. 51st, and Mathematics No.81st.)

How Many Level I disciplines in Fudan University

Which Degree do International Students Prefer to Study?

Which  Program Deserves Your Studying?


Top 1 : Microelectronics - One of The most excellent Programs 

  • As one of the national key academic disciplines, be equipped with state key lab,Microelectronics program, to some degree which on behalf of the highest level of China national microelectronics.
  • Supported by Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd,the program integration of production-study-research provide great study environment for graduate.
  • Shanghai Public Transportation IC Card,subway IC Card and so on are all created by Fudan Microelectronics group 


Top 2: MBBS- One of the most cost-effective programs

  • 1.Project fee has been improved about 25%, which accounts of the 50% in the whole university compared with the 25% in early time.
  • 2. Clinical medical science ranks ESI 0.1% globally and has the potential of becoming a world class discipline.
  • 3.Affiliated with 11 hospitals, eight hospitals belong to grade A class three hospital
  • 4.One of top two programs recommended by Fudan University Alumni.


Top 3: Mathematics

  • National one of key disciplines
  • Ranked No.81st in the world
  • Equipped with national key labs for study and research

Top 4: Life Science

  • Compared with other programs, Fudan university science programs plays a leading role in China. Especially, life science related programs,like Genetics is more popular by students.
  • Training Base for biological basic research and talents

Top 5: Chinese and Journalism Program

  • Top one program recommended by Fudan University Alumni
  • One of national key disciplines
  • SINA(a well-known internet company) CEO, Charles Chao, graduates from Fudan Journalism  

Study & Living Environment


About City-Shanghai, an internationalized City

  • Next to  south of China's largest commercial center Shanghai, which can provide more internship chance for students
  • Convenient transportation, area with advanced economy and higher internationalisation
  • The air condition is good than other large city

About Fudan University

  • The first independent university founded by Chinese people, more famous alumni graduated from here.
  • What the most influenced students is the FUDAN spirit, free, rigorous, innovte, you can talk what you want to say and can do  research through university platform. The learning  style in Fudan will make you happy and stronger.
  • Fudan University provides with good study and living facilities for students.

Words from International Students

Why students choose to study in Fudan University

Students around the world come to Fudan University for different reasons,  some for its reputation, some for friends recommendation, some for its teaching quality, some for its cheaper tuition fee,etc.

How is it feel like to attend Fudan University?

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.
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Editor's Words

Applicants need to post the paper notarized application materials to Fudan University

Compared with other China Universities, paper notarized application materials are required for applying  Fudan University.

Fudan University application deadline is earlier than many other China universities

Normally, the application deadline of Fudan University will be end in April. According to the experiences of former years,  the application deadline will be divided into two phases, the frist phase is for self financed students and  scholarship students, the second pharse is only for self-financed students.

Also.some popular programs will earlier ended for the quota limitation, first come, first served.