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Traveling Cost in China: Studying in China Living Cost

Traveling, as a great outside experience not only make you mood become more sunshine but also enrich your life, broaden your horizon . Many international students come to China for studying, and many of them had made full use of this opportunity, traveling many resorts in China. For the students who never experienced and who have desire to travel, traveling cost is a dispensable factor to be considered for them. Comparatively speaking, different resorts have different traveling cost. Now, I will put Beijing as an example about its traveling cost for you.

Traveling Cost in China: Studying in China Living Cost

Traveling cost in Beijing-Resorts Ticket
Beijing, as capital of China, which was fulled with many famous resorts, like The Great Wall, The Palace Museum (The Forbidden City), Great Hall of the People, The Summer Palace, The Fragrant Hill, Tian An Men Square, Monument to the People’s Heroes, The Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, The Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Garden of Gardens, etc. The entrance ticket is different according to different resorts, and many times the students ticket is half price  General ticket in The Great Wall is 45yuan, in The Summer Place is 60 yuan(include three resorts),in high season The Palace Museum cost is 60 yuan while in low season is 40 yuan.

Traveling Cost-Transportation Fee in Beijing
The transportation is very convenient, the subway can take you to any place you want to go if you could buy a bus card in a subway station. If you take bus, generally, the fee is about one to two yuan. If you take subway, the fee will be calculated by the distance you had passed by, and you will take 3 yuan within six kilometers.
But the air ticket and the railway ticket to Beijing is different if you stayed in other cities.

Other Traveling Fees in Beijing
With higher development of economy, a simple meal in Beijing is about 10 yuan, therefore, the fee for eating foods is about 30 yuan one day.
Therefore, if you want to travel during your studying time in China, you can check your target travel place before you arrive here. if you live in Beijing now, the fee to go to any resorts in Beijing is not expensive, about 150 yuan one day for traveling a short-distance resort. If you want to other traveling resorts, you should budget your trip early.