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Starting Dates for Language Training Programin BLCU

About BLCU
Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), a university directly under the National Ministry of Education, was established in 1962. Since its founding the university has trained some 150,000 foreign students who are proficient in the Chinese language and familiar with Chinese culture from 176 countries and regions. Many alumni have become celebrities in various fields of education, politics and business.

1.An Undisputed World Leader in Chinese Language Education
2.Little United Nations
3.Cradle of Sinologists and Cultural Ambassadors
4.A Full Range of Chinese Language Courses with Constant Innovation in Curriculum
5.Most Recognized Teaching Quality
6.Strong and Committed Faculty

The time schedule of three kinds of language training programs are as below:
1.Short-term Chinese Language Program (regular 5 weeks program)    
Registration date: 2014.12.15-2014.12.17    
Stating date:2014.12.18-2015.1.21            

2. Short-term Chinese Language Program (regular one semester program)    
Registration date: 2015.3.2-2015.3.4    
Stating date: 2015.3.5-2015.7.1

3.Short-term Chinese Language Program (regular 4 weeks program)    
Registration date: 2015.2.24-2015.2.26    
Stating date: 2015.2.27-2015.3.26

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