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CUCAS Website and System Will Be Updated in the Early May

CUCAS Website and System Will Be Updated in the Early May

Publish Date:2014-04-30 10:41

To improve our application system and offer better experience for our users,  CUCAS is launching its new website and system in the early May.


>> What's NEW in the new website?

  • New course database structure and new look.
  • Easier and smoother program searching process and application process.
  • Searching programs by rankings: popularity, cost, and reviews.
  • Visiting “City Section” to see the distinguish features of different cities and to decide which city to study in.
  • You don't need to calculate the expense of each course by yourself. You can get it easily from “Total Cost” now, which shows the probable cost of a course, including accommodation cost, tuition fee and living expenses.
  • Finding out which courses others have chosen, and the percentages.
  • Saving your interesting courses to "My Shortlist" for reference.
  • The updating date of each course is labeled.
  • Writing reviews for universities, courses, and our service.

>> Why choose CUCAS to apply Chinese universities?

  • The largest course database in China.
  • Best service: you can hardly tell the dissatisfaction of our service, because we care more about it than you do.
  • You will enjoy the priority of accommodation reservation.
  • We are completely free, from application process to consulting service.

>> Why we don't suggest applying to Chinese universities directly?

If you try to apply for a course or a diploma of a Chinese university, you will probably to find:

  • School websites are not updated regularly, and you are misled by the expired, inaccurate and incomplete information.
  • Student recruitment offices are slow to respond and have limited English.
  • Accommodation resource is quite limited in some popular schools.
  • If you encounter any problems during the application process, you will find it's difficult to communicate with the student recruitment offices of the university. Many students turn to us for help. Although we are willing to help, but we are not allowed to check your application process if you are not in our system.
  • At the threshold of official going online of CUCAS new website, we are kindly remind you that every old CUCAS user could still login in with their CUCAS account and enjoy CUCAS services as always, no need of registering again. We also sincerely welcome new visitors to register as our new users. Here, with the CUCAS new website, you can explore whatever you need during your entire application process.

If you encounter any problem when browsing our new website, please contact or call 86-10-82865135. We sincerely apologize for any technical bugs on the new website that cause you inconvenience and we will fix them as soon as possible to offer a better service.

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