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Rules about Chinese University Golden Application Season

Date: April 1,2017

Summary: The most popular activity among international students is coming soon! Guys, action now.

Applying for top universities for free? Having 100% scholarship opportunities? No, you are not dreaming. We are going to launch a “Golden Application Season” lasting 3 months, from 5st April to 30th June 2017, in which there will be 6 sessions of 2 weeks.The first session starts now! Time for actions!

The first session : 5th - 15th April, 2017
Participating universities:

  • Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Harbin Normal University
  • Ningbo University


  • Full waiver of application fee and service fee for applicants applying for above three universities.
  • All applicants of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will get 1000 RMB each after enrollment.
  • 15% discount for Ningbo University scholarship application Fee (500$  425$, Only10 seats).
  • Successful applicants will need to pay 50 UDS for offer postage.    


  • 1. Each student can only participate in this activity for only one time. Multiple applications will be ignored.
  • 2. All the time and date mentioned above is under the condition of Beijing Time (UTC+8 time zone).

How to Apply:

  • Step 1: Choose your ideal university and enter into the school page
  • Step 2: Fill your basic information and submit it
  • Step 3: CUCAS consultants will direct contact with you after you submit your information.

Contact Information:

  • Email address:
  • Tel : (86)010 82865135
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