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A Guide to Study and Live in Hangzhou for International Freshmen2015-11-07

How to manage your future student life in Hangzhou? Let’s discuss the experience and useful tips from other international students who have already stayed in Hangzhou for years on how to arrive in Hangzhou, how to live, how to enjoy yourselves there.

Why a Lot of International Students Choose Hangzhou to Study Abroad in China2015-11-05

Hangzhou tops a list of the 10 “happiest cities” in China, published by Oriental Outlook magazine, which is affiliated with China’s state-run Xinhua news agency.

Using TCM Knowledge to Keep Health in Winter for International Students in a Natural Way2015-11-04

Learn how to keep health in winter by traditional Chinese medicine

Why Study Engineering in China2015-11-04

Engineering in China is becoming popular after medical programs in China for international students, the programs field taught in English is getting more and more wide, like Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Civil Engine

Internship for Students in China2014-10-24

Many international students are concernd about the internship for students in China, a good news is that for many programs, the university will organize internship for you.

Chinese Culture Experiencing Activities for international Students2014-10-23

I'm sure one of the biggest reasons you want to study in China is because of Chinese culture. There are many Chinese culture experiencing activities I would like to introduce to you.

English Taught Programs in China2014-10-23

English taught programs has attracted many international students to come to study in China, in this article I will make a brief introduction about English taught programs in China.

How to Choose a Chinese Language Program2014-10-22

To study in China, you need to be able to speak Chinese. Here in this article, I will make a brief introduction about different kinds of Chinese Language Program.

How to Make Friend in China2014-10-22

You must be nervous to come to study in China by yourself, to make friend in China is actually very easy. Here in this article, we will give you some suggestions.

How to Rent an Apartment outside Campus2014-10-21

Many international students don't feel want to live in the dorm in campus, this article will teach you how to rent an apartment outside campus.

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